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      • Slide 1 – Reports
        Flexibility of alerting and reporting using a plugin system

        Alerts and reports can be customised and added without updating the core software

      • Slide 2 – Data networks
        Self-defined data

        No need for data migration projects when message formats change which results in large operational savings

      • Slide 3 – Real Time Data
        Real-time high-precision treatment of big data with no batch processing

        Information can be acted on as it becomes available to the system and is cross-checked against
        historical information in the system at lightning speed.

      • Slide 4 – Testing
        Test driven development

        With over 25,000 automated tests we can rapidly accommodate new feature requests and be confident
        that there are no side-effects.


The REMIT and MAR regulations require energy trading firms to put in place procedures against market manipulation and implement appropriate surveillance systems, in line with their trading activity and risk appetite.

Ancoa delivers MAR- and REMIT-compliant surveillance capabilities to energy trading firms across jurisdictions, asset classes, and electronic, voice and hybrid trading styles. Ancoa helps energy brokers, traders and utilities detect and deal with potential market manipulation and report abuse to the regulators.

As the only Trayport Certified Software Provider for energy market surveillance, Ancoa can provide surveillance of a firm's trading activity within the context of the wider energy market.

Ancoa helps compliance teams monitor for market abuse scenarios including:

  • Insider dealing
  • Marking the close
  • Ramping and layering
  • Pre-arranged trading
  • Spoofing
  • Wash trading
  • Abusive squeeze
  • Abnormal spread

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A choice of ‘views’ allow users to sift through a high volume of complex datasets to detect manipulative trading behaviour, including traditional trading, market and reference data, contextualised against unstructured datasets from electronic communications, voice recordings, instant messaging, social media and news.

  • CaseView

CaseView provides a comprehensive case management solution for investigating alerts on abnormal or suspicious behaviour. Alerts can be assigned to analysts and each alert and case have their own life cycle allowing users to add comments or attach files that are relevant to their investigation, at alert level as well as case level. With a single click users can jump to a specific event for a given security in the other applications.

  • MarketView

MarketView provides a real-time dash board of your markets and firm’s trading activity, with live reporting of aggregate data (values, volumes) by security, broker and trader. The high level metrics are rendered graphically and give a quick ranking of the largest movements as well as alerts and market trends. Through heatmaps, subtle abusive behaviour over a longer period of time can be picked up.

  • TradeView

TradeView provides a fast multi-layered and interactive graphical view of the trading information for a security over a period of time. TradeView allows the user to visualise proprietary transactions and market data, social media, news and electronic communications. TradeView also allows plotting any aggregate metrics used as components in reports or alerts so that a user can gain more insight into why a particular alert was triggered.

  • OrderView

OrderView allows users to reconstruct and play the order book at any time and view the exact state of a play. Users can apply or roll back each individual trading message and see how it impacted the order book. They can filter orders on specific brokers or traders to gain insight into their trading activity.

  • ReportView

ReportView provides easy reporting capabilities on the wealth of underlying data through point and click. Both the data itself as well as the alerts generated on the data can be reported. Users can run reports using an extensive combination of filters provided by a clean and understandable user interface. In ReportView users can save their own custom reports and set up batches of reports to run at certain times of the week or month.

  • ParticipantView

Profiling and understanding behaviour of applications, BIC codes, branches and countries is what ParticipantView is for. Who is initiating transactions with whom? Who is paying when? NetworkView gives insight into counterparties and their flow of transactions and related alerts.

  • DashboardView

DashboardView provides a real-time dashboard of your payments and firm’s messages, with live reporting of aggregate data (values, volumes) and alerts generated. The high-level metrics are rendered graphically and give a quick ranking of the largest movements as well as trends. Through heatmaps, subtle abusive behaviour over a longer period of time can be picked up. Through a global pay-flow map (based on countries, BICs, branches, accounts), transactions and alert concentrations can be studied by BIC-code, LEI (Legal Entity Identifier), branch or country.

  • DataView

DataView provides access to the underlying market data through powerful querying. Users can apply data mining techniques to find records or columns and create pivot tables on very large datasets.

  • NetworkView

Understanding behaviour of market participants and market structure in a dynamic way is what NetworkView is for. Who is trading with whom? Who is trading when? Who is communicating with whom? NetworkView gives insight into counterparties and their flow of transactions, be it communications or trades.

  • AnalyticsView

In AnalyticsView users can interact with the alerts, create new alert instances, review alert parameters and perform back testing of historical data. Calibration of new alerts or existing alerts on new datasets becomes an interactive iterative process that can be managed across a team. Saving the alert parameters is highly secure and the alert parameters become part of the audit trail.

Download the Ancoa Energy Factsheet Ancoa Factsheet
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