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        End-to-end integrity validation for payments networks

        Payment system output can be validated to provide real-time indication of potential payments network systems abuse anywhere along the chain.


Ancoa provides a structured workflow to perform an independent end-to-end integrity validation by identifying:
  • discrepancies between actual output with initial intentions of payment messages
  • abnormal patterns along the payment chain
The same core technology used by Ancoa’s surveillance platform in capital markets is deployed to provide greater visibility over payments network systems.  Using a contextual approach and by monitoring both structured and unstructured data, surveillance systems can spot outliers, providing early warnings supported by strong visualisation tools.   Specific reports for payments network surveillance have been developed with our clients to validate the end-to-end integrity of SWIFT and other payment messages with specific connectors to Websphere MQ Queue (IBM) and Relational Database Systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL), as well as raw files.

  • ParticipantView

Profiling and understanding behaviour of applications, BIC codes, branches and countries is what ParticipantView is for. Who is initiating transactions with whom? Who is paying when? NetworkView gives insight into counterparties and their flow of transactions and related alerts.

  • CaseView

CaseView provides a comprehensive case management solution for investigating alerts over time. Cases can be assigned to analysts and each case has its own life cycle allowing users to add comments or attach files that are relevant to their investigation. With a single click users can jump to a specific event for a given payment in the other views.

  • ReportView

Reports can be created manually and stored along with all parameters, mappings, and data for 100% reproducible results covering counterparty, geo analysis, variance analysis, compliance, peaks/volumes, historical look-ups and cross-message.

  • DashboardView

DashboardView provides a real-time dashboard of your payments and firm’s messages, with live reporting of aggregate data (values, volumes) and alerts generated. The high-level metrics are rendered graphically and give a quick ranking of the largest movements as well as trends. Through heatmaps, subtle abusive behaviour over a longer period of time can be picked up. Through a global pay-flow map (based on countries, BICs, branches, accounts), transactions and alert concentrations can be studied by BIC-code, LEI (Legal Entity Identifier), branch or country.


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